• The Customer ‘Access’ and 2SQL Stories – ‘On-a-Page’

    Typical Customer profile, Business & Technology Drivers, and 2SQL solution outcomes ‘On-a-Single-Page’.

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  • Business & Technical Drivers Behind Access to SQL Server Conversions

    What’s driving the need for businesses to convert their Access databases to the Microsoft SQL Server Platform?

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  • Moving Access databases to a Multi-tenant Environment

    Consolidate your many Access databases in to a single Multi-tenant database structure.

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  • 2SQL Flyer

    Access 2013 is based on the SQL Server platform, acknowledging the fact that older versions of Access have both functional and commercial limitations. Companies whose Access footprint is large or which contain complex and mission- critical applications could face a daunting conversion effort.

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  • MSO Inspector Flyer

    MSO Inspector™  analyses network drives across an enterprise, auditing , logging and reporting detailed information about the Microsoft Access or Excel application population.

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  • CU2 Global – first to automate the conversion and migration of Microsoft Access to SQL Azure

    CU2 Global releases 2SQL Azure – a world first automation program for converting and migrating Microsoft Access to SQL Azure, delivering in excess of a 95% automation capability

  • Discovering & Reporting on Microsoft Access Database Populations

    The MSO Inspector is used to scope the size and complexity of a corporate wide Microsoft Access to SQL Server conversion program. It searches network drives gathering detailed metadata on all Access databases discovered. This data can then be used to determine which Access databases are candidates for conversion, and which can be either archived or left as is.  The MSO Inspector can also be used to gather detailed metadata on Microsoft Excel files.

  • Case Study – Luca Technologies

    A Colorado biotech company developing long-term, biotechnology-driven solutions to the rising US dependence on foreign energy sources. Luca Technologies had outgrown the capabilities of its Microsoft Access database, requiring a database platform with scalable client-server architecture, robust security, and one which would facilitate its obligations under data compliance regulations.

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  • 2SQL Conversion Project Services Guide

    This document highlights the 2SQL Conversion Categories where manual services may apply after 2SQL  has completed its automated migration and conversion work.

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  • 2SQL Functionality Overview

    High level overview of the 2SQL program components and the functions that they fulfil during an MS Access to SQL Server conversion and migration program.

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  • 2SQL Conversion Methodology Paper

    Information for senior managers regarding 2SQL’s practical, fast, cost-saving approach to Microsoft Access to SQL Server Conversion.

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  • South Australia’s Top 20 Innovation Awards – February 2010

    “Database Miracle earns Converts” heads the article covering ConvertU2 Technologies 7th placement in the South Australian Top 20 Innovation Awards of February 2010.

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  • 2SQL White Paper – Converting Access to SQL Server

    This White Paper explores commercial and technical drivers for converting Access to SQL Server; limitations of incomplete hybrid conversions; issues which must be addressed for a complete conversion; and how 2SQL assists the conversion to SQL Server in much less time and expense than current alternative methods.

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  • 2SQL MSO Inspector User Guide

    This guide details the steps for using the 2SQL MSO Inspector for scanning of Access Databases or Excel Files, reporting of metadata and properties that assist in Business Intelligence initiatives and in measuring overall migration and conversion complexity.

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  • 2SQL Technical Reference Guide

    The 2SQL Technical Reference Guide describes each of the “conversion issues” that 2SQL identifies and automatically addresses.

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  • 2SQL Toolkit

    This document explains the features and functionality of the 2SQL Toolkit – software utilities and documented processes which support the process of arriving at a fully and completely converted Microsoft Access database to SQL Server.

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  • 2SQL User Guide

    The User Guide fully describes all of the steps for using 2SQL from setup and installation; to scanning a database for conversion issues; to processing the database to apply its automated conversions; and finally to the Manual Cleanup phase to complete the conversion and migration process.

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  • 2SQL Detective Quick-Start Guide

    This is a Quick-Start guide for users wishing to run the 2SQL Detective to identify the conversion issues associated with converting a MS Access database/application to SQL.

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  • How to Deploy a 2SQL Conversion Project

    Synchronizing  production and development databases for final deployment can be a complex and time consuming process. 2SQL delivers this capability in a simple turnkey manner.

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  • 2SQL MSO Inspector Technical Reference Guide

    Analyse the company’s Microsoft Access and Excel application population across its network drives. Obtain comprehensive metadata details of the Access/Excel footprint. Determine candidate Access applications/databases for conversion to SQL Server

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  • 2SQL Version 5.4.0 Release Notes

    Release Notes for 2SQL Version 5.4.0

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  • Preparing & Transferring Files to the CU2 Global FTP Site

    How to prepare and upload Access Databases to the CU2 Global secured FTP site for Analysis.

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  • 2SQL Management of Microsoft Access Workgroup Security

    Handling Microsoft Access Workgroup Security on Access databases to be converted to SQL Server by 2SQL

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  • 2SQL Set-up in High Security Environments

    Highly Secured Environments often require complete application isolation to protect corporate data and applications.

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  • CU2 Global Releases Version 5.5.7 of 2SQL

    Release Notes for 2SQL Version 5.5.7

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  • Case Study – Asian Food Logistics

    Food Logistics company uses 2SQL to open the door to international web data collaboration.

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  • Case Study – MyBudget

    MyBudget – an Adelaide based personal finance and debt management company – underpins business growth through integration to Microsoft SQL Server.

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  • Case Study – Department of the Chief Minister – NT Government

    The Department of the Chief Minister, the central strategic coordinating arm of the Northern Territory Government, needed to migrate their underperforming legacy Travel database application to “future proof” the functionality in a low cost and highly accurate manner.

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  • 2SQL Live Demonstration Video

    Live demonstration of 2SQL automatically converting a Microsoft Access database/application to SQL Server.

  • Managed IT Services Overview

    MSP Blueshift offers four engagement models, all of which provide access to all of the engineering expertise and services required to provide your business a complete IT department to service your every IT requirement.  

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  • IT Support Services Melbourne

    What are Managed Services. Watch this short video to find out!

  • 9 Little-Known Facts Every Business Owner must Know About Data Backup, Security And Disaster Recovery

    Discover What Most IT Consultants Don't Know or Won't Tell You About Backing Up Your Data And Recovering It After A Disaster

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  • AusCloud BDR Functional Description

    AusCloud BDR is a fully automated subscription based onsite/offsite backup and disaster recovery service for small to medium sized business networks. The AusCloud BDR system consists of an onsite storage appliance that runs incremental backups of all selected server partitions as often as every 15 minutes during the day.


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    The American Red Cross has several divisions which provide their humanitarian functions and the IT services are needed to service all of the functions of the American Red Cross.  IT planning and provision is driven by continual questioning of "How do I get you what you need to do your job where-ever you are". 


    Claranet is a French managed services provider that have been operating for over 20 years. They specialise in web hosting and critical web application hosting and operate in 6 countries. Their customers require reactivity, knowledge and responsiveness. Claranet have now moved over from an infrastructure centric model to a business and customer centric model. 


    Nasdaq is a leading provider of Securities Exchange and also provides technology services for public companies as well as a listing platform. It has operations in over 50 countries and operates 70 exchanges. It's the home of over 3600 public companies that have a combined market value of over $6trillion and was the first company in the world to provide an electronic trading platform.  

  • EzySnap Server

    Migrating applications from servers is a laborious complicated task heavily relying on the customer to provide all installation source, patch history, interoperability and configuration details. Then there is the challenge of determining if it is compatible with the new operating system, architecture and environment. EzySnap Server automatically separates the application layer from the underlying operating system with a single command line!

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  • EzySnap Server Product Factsheet

    Ezysnap Server delivers low risk, cost effective automated server application migrations from any Microsoft Server (MS2000, MS2003, MS2008 or MS2012). These application workloads can then be provisioned to the same or a new Microsoft Server platform version in any environment on-premise, hosted or the cloud.

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  • Case Study 1 ~ Migrate Application Workloads to the Cloud

    A customer and their partner are tasked with migrating all their on premise virtual and physical server applications to the Cloud. Operating Systems are staying the same just the application workload needs to be migrated to the same platform in the cloud environment...

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  • Case Study 2 ~ Application Compatibility Quality Assurance Only

    A customer and their partner require to analyse their 32Bit and 64Bit Server application portfolio. They need a consolidated software inventory report for all existing servers and a compatibility assessment report for their target Server 2012 64Bit environment...

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  • ​Case Study 3 ~ Upgrading Operating System to Server 2012 / Server 2016

    A customer and their partner need to migrate their existing or emerging unsupported Server Operating System fleet to Server 2012 or Server 2016...

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  • ​Case Study 4 ~ Creating and Synchronising PROD, DEV and TEST Environments

    A customer has the continual challenge of maintaining a synchronised PROD, DEV and TEST server environment of the exact application configuration state...

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  • Case Study 5 ~ Application Layer Backup Solution

    A client has a number of on-premise non virtual physical servers. These servers have the traditional backup model where only the data is backed up...

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  • ​Case Study 6 ~ Recovering Applications From Failed Server Hardware

    The clients older physical server has a hardware failure which was not easily recoverable...

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  • Informix 4GL to ASP.NET C# Web Forms , Egypt

    Proof-of-Concept as the initial collaboration stage in Application Migration projects...

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  • Informix 4GL to C#.NET, United States

    The Extension Stage as the primary step in handling client’s task of Application Migration...

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  • C++ to C#.NET, the Netherlands

    Customer - Dutch IT company which fully integrated solutions help to create and share digital design has become Ispirer's customer. For many years the Company has been developing software for designers and recently has decided to renew its product to meet modern market requirements and remain competitive...

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    SQLWays is a database migration tool that allows you to easily convert data, schema, stored procedures, functions and triggers between IBM DB2, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Teradata, Sybase, Informix, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Progress and other databases.

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  • SQLWays Migration Software Brochure

    Stored Procedures, Triggers, Schema, and Data Conversion for all databases

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  • SQLWays for MySQL Migration Brochure

    Migration to MySQL
    Stored Procedures, Triggers, DDL/Schema, Data, SQL Scripts and Applications from All Major Databases Low Cost ~100% Automation Customized and Optimized 

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  • SQLWays for Teradata to Oracle Migration Brochure

    Teradata to Oracle Migration
    Stored Procedures, BTEQ, Macros, Triggers, Schema/DDL, BI Reports, Embedded SQL and Shell Scripts Intelligent and Maintainable Conversion Custom Automation 

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  • SQLWays for Oracle to PostgreSQL (Greenplum) Migration Brochure

    Database migration using Wizard, Studio andCommander. Based on migration from Oracle to PostgreSQL (Greenplum) Version 1.0 

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  • SQLWays Migration Software White Paper

    SQLWays - Optimal Migration Solution

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  • SQLWays for Oracle to MySQL White Paper

    Oracle to MySQL Migration
    Stored Procedures, Packages, Triggers, Scripts and Applications
    White Paper

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  • Oracle to Microsoft SQL Server Online Presentation

    Automated Database and Application Migration.

  • Oracle to DB2 OS/390 Online Presentation

    Oracle to Sybase ASE Database Migration Demo

  • Java Embedded SQL from Informix to Oracle Migration Demonstration

    SQLWays helps you to automatically perform comprehensive assessment and migration of embedded SQL statements in Java applications. With SQLWays there is no need extracting SQL statements from application code and convert them separately. This demonstration shows how SQLWays can migrate Java Embedded SQL.

  • PowerBuilder Embedded SQL

    Ispirer MnMTK can help you automatically convert SQL statements, table and column names in PowerBuilder applications to conform to the syntax and requirements of the new database platform. This demonstration shows how Ispirer MnMTK can migrate PowerBuilder Embedded SQL.

  • DS_Nutanix 30 Seconds


    Nutanix delivers an Enterprise Cloud Platform that brings public cloud-like simplicity to enterprise datacenters, enabling IT to focus on the applications and services that power their businesses.

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  • Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform

    Nutanix delivers solutions to elevate IT to focus on the applications and services that power business. At the heart is the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform that natively converges several aspects of the datacenter infrastructure through a software-defined solution with rich machine intelligence. 

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  • Nutanix Hypervisor

    Nutanix delivers the industry’s most popular hyperconverged solution, natively converging compute and storage into a turnkey appliance that can be deployed in minutes to run any application out of the box.

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  • Nutanix Prism

    Enterprise clouds require machine intelligence and automation to simplify complex operations from many clicks to a single click, and eventually from a single click to zero-touch management.

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  • Nutanix Acropolis Block Services

    Acropolis Block Services (ABS) enables IT administrators to use Nutanix for bare-metal production applications, including Oracle RAC and Microsoft SQL Server, by simplifying deployments. Infrastructure can be consolidated onto a dynamic scale-out, highly performant, and resilient platform.

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  • Nutanix Acropolis File Services

    Traditionally, standalone Network Attached Storage (NAS) appliances have been the solution of choice for file server deployments. These deployments can be complex to set-up and operate, require specialized skills and create additional infrastructure silo. 

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  • VM-centric Disaster Recovery with Nutanix

    Nutanix simplifies your disaster recovery (DR) planning and management with a single integrated scalable appliance.

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  • Security-First with Nutanix: A Defense in Depth Strategy

    Security in the enterprise datacenter must begin with a robust infrastructure foundation. Maintaining security in traditional infrastructure environments, however, is challenging for a number of reasons.

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